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South Brockwells Farm School is led by a fully qualified teacher where students will work with and care for our animals and farmland to improve their soft skills such as resilience, motivation and self-control, confidence, independence and work ethic that are so vital to their wellbeing, academic success and their ability to achieve in later life.


Our farm provides a therapeutic environment where children can feel safe, heard and valued, connecting with animals and nature whilst accessing a curriculum that focuses on their social, emotional and physical development.

Students can be referred to us for:

  • A lack of engagement in school

  • Low attendance and attainment

  • Poor mental well-being and self-esteem issues

  • Anxiety

  • Underdeveloped life-skills

  • A lack of pro-social behaviours

  • A pattern of negative relationships with adults and peers

Specialising in working with children aged 7-14 years old, both primary and secondary schools can refer students to work with us at South Brockwells Farm. 

We work in close partnership with parents, carers, schools and external organisations to equip children and young people with the tools needed to be successful in their education.

We offer students the opportunity to explore, learn, reset and gain confidence through our therapeutic approach to working with animals and outdoor-focused learning.

South Brockwells Farm School provides:

  • a place to ‘reset’ and help children re-engage with school and learning

  • an opportunity to develop new relationships with peers and adults in a neutral setting

  • therapeutic support with qualified Therapeutic Thinking and Boxall Profile trained staff

  • routine and instils good habits

  • an opportunity to complete meaningful and practical work to engage and motivate children

  • a place to have fun and learn new skills

  • a place to enjoy the countryside with fresh air and space

We offer individual and small group programmes that can be tailored to meet the needs of the individual which tend to focus on one of these key areas: mental health and wellbeing, managing anxiety, nurture or engagement and attitudes. 

To discuss our pricing structure, programmes or to make a referral, please email the South Brockwells Farm Education Centre.

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