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South Brockwells Farm is very much a family farm, run by passionate food producers. Chrissy Wells and Sarah Robinson moved to the farm with their parents in 1976 and, on the retirement of their father David Douglas in 2019, the sisters formed the South Brockwells Farm Partnership with Chrissy’s husband, Arron. Today, three generations work on the farm, with David still keeping his hand in and the youngest members of the team, Chrissy and Arron's daughters Lucy and Daisy help out, particularly with the goats and sheep.

Commercial Sheep

South Brockwells has been home to a flock of commercial sheep since 1976, in those days in the thousands now in the hundreds. Chrissy and Arron have worked hard to produce a breed of sheep that thrive on the farm. We have about 150 head of commercial breeding ewes around 30 followers as replacements and our lovely Rams. Lucy and Daisy own some Herdwicks and their Ram called Harry and breed their own pets from around fifteen happy hand-reared sheep.


Our breeding ewes are Mules and Roussin / Mule first cross and we have a stunning Texel ram and a Beltex / Charollais cross ram. Our Roussin ram called Russell provides us with his daughters whom we keep as replacement breeding ewes. We rear around 300 lambs per year, some stay in the flock and the others are sold at our local livestock market or sent directly for processing. We lamb in early March to avoid clashing with the asparagus season and they graze happily all year round on the farm.

Boer goats

A year ago we formed our own small herd of Boer goats. We have a large amount of rough weedy ground on the farm and decided some goats would do it a world of good. Originally from South Africa, the Boer is the Tyson Fury of the goat world! 


We now breed and sell our meat goats through our farm shop and utilise their excellent ability as grazing dustbins to tidy up the farm of weeds!


Our pet Pygmy goats also live on the farm, Cocoa and her kids, Whisper and Buttons are usually getting up to all sorts of mischief and keep our shop customers entertained with their antics.

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