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It's February and love is in the air.

Cuteness overload with the arrival of new lambs and kids. Read all about our pregnant ewes spa day, 20% off frozen game birds in our farm shop, awards news and more.....

It is kidding HQ here with our early Does giving birth to some gorgeous kids. Some of our farm school students have been lucky enough to watch several births over the last few days! Junior shepherdesses Lucy and Daisy Wells have been busy naming them and have chosen a Disney theme this year. Watch out for the adventures of Donald, Daisy, Cinderella, Snow White, Goofy, Mickey, Beauty, Beast and friends,

Watching new life being born is one of the most magical experiences; no matter how many times we see it, it's still so special. Our lambing live sessions will be available to book in the next few weeks - watch this space for details.

Spa day for our pregnant ewes!

Thank you to our brilliant farm school children who helped us with our pregnant ewes spa day while our head shepherdess is off with a broken leg! Vaccinations, foot treatments, vitamin supplements for the triplet mums and a run through the foot bath mean they are now all set for the last trimester of their pregnancy.

Farm shop news

In these challenging times for both customers and retailers, we remain committed to championing seasonal produce at affordable prices.

As many of you will know, we sell our home grown lamb, goat and pork which is grown slowly and allowed to range freely across the farm. Arron Wells butchers our meat on site and makes our own delicious recipe sausages, burgers and koftas. As well as meat, we also sell our freshly cut asparagus and a range of seasonal vegetables.

The vast majority of the stock in our shop is sourced less than 20 miles of the farm. We use local producers that raise their stock by applying the same high welfare standards that we are so passionate about. Maintaining short supply chains and purchasing stock directly from producers where we can, not only ensures a more secure supply it also enables us to offer fresh produce at its very best and most nutritious. It also means that we are supporting other local businesses in our rural economy.

As we grow we are pleased to be able to introduce new products, each carefully sourced for their quality and would be pleased to hear of any new products you would like to see in the shop. We thank you for your support.

Farm shop offer

As we turn our attention from wild game to preparing our asparagus beds we are offering 20% off all frozen game birds throughout March.

We need your votes, please

We are really excited to be one of four South East finalists in the Countryside Alliance Awards or Rural Oscars, in the Rural Enterprise category. We are thrilled that amongst the 17,000 public nominations, we have made it to the final!

Unlike many other awards the winners are decided by public vote - so please vote for us! Voting has opened and will close on Sunday 5th March at midnight. To vote, please follow the link below - it only takes a minute!

Valentine's day and love was in the air for our Herdwick ram Harry

Last week we caught Harry, our pedigree Herdwick ram, red-handed on the wrong side of the gate - he had escaped from his field and gone on the hunt for some new lady friends but unfortunately had a disagreement with the gate when he tried to return! Thankfully one of our fabulous farm school children was on hand to help us free him. Harry can be quite grumpy so we had to handle him carefully but thankfully we managed to release him without cutting his horn. Naughty boy Harry!

Do you have any spare gardening tools?

We are creating our very own Farm School Garden for our students and mini farmers to have a go growing a range of vegetables and in the process, try new foods and learn where it comes from.

We have a lovely area ready, but we are after the following items to get us going:

  • paving slabs

  • pea beach /pebbles

  • builders sand

  • tools

  • garden arbour

We want our garden to be accessible for all our students with varying physical needs to be able to access. If you have anything like this that could do with a new home, please let us know!

We shall also be holding some volunteer project days to get us underway, so if you are interested in lending a hand for a couple of hours, please let us know.

Thank you in advance!

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