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South Brockwells Mobile Farm brings the sights, sounds and experiences of the farmyard to your school, nursery, residential home, county show or corporate event - click here for our Mobile Farm brochure.

Our Mobile Farm provides a hands-on educational and tactile experience for children and adults of all ages and offers the opportunity to meet farm animals and real farmers, sometimes for the first time. The primary aim of our visits is to teach people about farm animals, how we care for them and where our food comes from. It is also a valuable tool in helping us connect the wider community with farming practices and will help support British farming.

Our educational visits are very popular with primary schools and in particular, Early Years and Key Stage 1 as they fit perfectly within the Curriculum.

For our Therapy visits we concentrate on sensory experiences, encouraging conversations, and increasing mobility from activities such as brushing, feeding and petting.  Subject to sufficient access, we are able to take our animals into your Residential home if outdoor space is not available.  

Our visits are tailored to your needs and one of our experienced staff members will discuss the aims and outcomes of your visit prior to your booking. Our most popular visits include:

  • Time for the visitors to wander among the pens, chat with us and meet our animals;

  • Time to groom, feed and interact with our animals;

  • Answering questions regarding breeds and their differences;

  • What does each animal eat and why nutrition is important;

  • Where does each animal live and where do they sleep;

  • How we care for our farm animals;

  • Why do farmers rear lambs and goats? 

  • How the weather and seasons affect farming;

  • The display of equipment such as ear tags and sheep drench guns and an explanation of why they are used.



2 hour


3 hour


4 hour


Please note, that our prices are based on individual events and requirements.

For booking enquiries, please complete our enquiry form.

  • All prices* are exclusive of VAT

  • A fuel surcharge will be payable if your premises or event is more than 10 miles from South Brockwells Farm., this will be confirmed at time of booking.  We are unable to offer visits over 15 miles from South Brockwells.  

  • All animals and staff will require a 30-minute break during a 5-hour visit

  • Risk assessments are provided prior to bookings

  • All staff have been DBS checked.

  • 01. How far will you travel?
    We try to limit travel to under one hour each way to ensure our animals welfare is prioritised. Please check journey times to your location using our postcode, TN22 5QS, to see if we’ll be able to get to you in under an hour.
  • 02. How much space do you require to set up in?
    The best thing is for us to have a good understanding of your location prior to arrival so we all know what is expected of our visit. Most importantly we will require space to park our truck, livestock trailer and access to walk to equipment and animals to your location.
  • 03. What equipment will you require?
    We bring everything with us, all the pens and equipment; we may just need some fresh water from you, however we can bring water too if required. At the end of the booking we will clear the area and hose down if required. If you should want to disinfect the area please have your own products available for this purpose.
  • 04. What group size works best?
    For schools we have found that it is often better to split the pupils into groups of 10 to 15 & schedule visits of about 30 minute durations for the older groups - but how you split your classes is your decision & we are happy to go along with whatever is best for you, your staff & children. This means we could get through 8 groups a day or about 120 children in total.
  • 05. What happens during a typical visit by a class to the mobile farm?
    When the class come out to the farm a member of the staff will welcome them and give them brief safety instructions. We will then take them around the animals in small groups which will take approximately 30 minutes depending upon how long we have with the class. The ‘tour’ of all the animals is provided with a commentary appropriate for the age group, however with older children it is sometimes better to let them wander around & ask questions.
  • 06. Who is responsible for supervising the children?
    The school, (teachers, parents, guardians etc) are responsible for supervising any children. The Mobile Farm staff will supervise the animals.
  • 07. What health and safety practices are in place?
    South Brockwells Mobile Farm operate a strict hygiene policy which covers visitors and staff for all our activities. We follow the HSE recommendations and inform all our clients of our policies in advance of bookings. We also emphasise to visitors and staff the need to wash hands properly following any contact with the animals or equipment. We provide our own handwashing facilities and hand sanitiser.
  • 08. How much will it cost?
    We offer a variety of options to try and best meet your needs and the prices vary accordingly. A simple short visit with a single animal type can start from as little as £160. £250 for 2 hours and ranges up to £500 for a 5 hour school day. These prices exclude travel costs.
  • 09. What is your cancellation policy
    In the event of us cancelling we will refund any moneys paid. If you cancel with at least a month’s notice no fee is payable & we will refund any moneys already paid. If you cancel with less than one month but more than one day notice, a cancellation fee of 50% is payable. If you cancel with less than 24 hour’s notice, a charge of 100% is payable. We reserve the right to reschedule the visit, or change the animals we bring with us in the event of DEFRA movement restrictions. Please note that due to animals being unpredictable, we cannot guarantee that the animals that we bring on the day will exactly match the ones detailed above. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to substitute other animals or otherwise amend the list on the day.
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