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This week 29th - 31st October
  • Creamy  pheasant pies 

  • Seasonal vegetable pies (V)

  • New season pheasants

  • Home grown lamb

  • Wild Game: venison, partridge, pigeon, mallard, rabbit, mixed game

  • Apple Tarts

  • Guinea Fowl & quail

Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10 am - 5pm

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Our seasonal Farm Shop is at the very heart of our family-run, farm business which started when we moved to South Brockwells, with our parents, back in 1976. 


Each spring we offer our freshly cut, delicious Sussex Asparagus alongside home grown free range pork, lamb and goat meat. Throughout the summer our polytunnel and veg patch come to life providing the family and the farm shop with a variety of fresh seasonal goodies. As the autumn draws near heralding the start of the game season, our much sought after  Oven Ready Game Wild Meats will come into the farm shop..

Seasonal specials are regularly available, keep an eye on our website and Facebook Page for regular updates.


We provide lots of advice and Delicious Recipes for our produce, including regular Tasting Days so you can create some mouthwatering dishes using fresh, seasonal and natural ingredients.  


Asparagus Season

Mid-April to mid-June. We open daily from 10:00  – 17:00 as the asparagus grows every day!

Asparagus thrives in warm conditions but doesn’t like the cold, so please call us to pre-order during a cold spell and we will put some aside for you. We sell out quickly!


Shop Opening Hours

Until 2020 the Farm Shop was only open during the Asparagus Season and Game Shooting Season. However we now offer our own home grown lamb, pork , goat and a good selection of seasonal vegetables. As a result we are open all year round on Thursday, Friday and Saturday's and every day during the Asparagus Season.


Game Season September to mid-February, open Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10:00  – 17:00.

We source our game from local estates across East Sussex. We butcher venison here on the farm and are happy to supply your favourite cuts.  Frozen game is available throughout the year.  Please contact us to place an order

Christmas Turkeys & Gifts

Fabulous award winning turkeys from Bridgers Farm at Hurstpierpoint.

Speciality cuts of venison or game prepared to order for Christmas, together with unusual foodie gifts to help you complete your present list. 

Seasoned Logs

We can provide small, medium or large bags of seasoned logs.  Please contact us to place an order and we can make up bags to suit your needs

We can deliver locally


Thursday, Friday & Saturday

10:00 - 17:00 

Asparagus Season:

Mid April - June

 Open Daily 10:00 - 17:00

Game Season:

September - Mid February

Thursday, Friday & Saturday

10:00 - 17:00 

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Freshly Cut Asparagus


Grass Reared Lamb & Goat


Free Range Pork


Oven Ready Game


Christmas Gifts


Seasoned Logs


Seasonal Vegetables

Seasonal Fruit


Free Range Eggs

Artisan Bread

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