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Home Grown Seasonal Produce

Our polytunnel at South Brockwells Farm was erected in 2007 by Arron to help provide the family and farm shop with home grown fresh seasonal vegetables and salad produce.

This has grown from strength to strength ever since and we can now harvest home grown goodies from May through to November or even later (depending on the weather). In the last couple of years Becca Mann has become involved lending a female touch to Arron’s garden which he loves .


Becca has worked hard on growing everything as organically as possible with very little expense. We produce many favourites throughout the growing season and the polytunnel is famous for its stunning salad leaves . 

The polytunnel project now has its own Facebook page where Becca can be found creating something out of nothing with her magical green fingers!

View Becca's 'Poly Tunnel project' here -

Poly Tunnel project.

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Relive Planting Tomatoes, Basil and Fren